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Apr 26, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 26

PoMoSco-Day 26
Badge: Order's Up

Directive: Using only the words found on a menu, craft a poem

My poem: 
Live-Often and Well

PoMoSco - Day 25

PoMoSco-Day 25
Badge: Crowdsource

Directive: Go sit somewhere with a sign with a word on it and ask passersby to give a definition, thought, etc. Craft a poem using only those words and don't use the source word in the poem.

My poem:
dandelions and cannabis

PoMoSco-Day 24

PoMoSco - Day 24
Badge: Best Laid Plan

Directive: Remove something throughout source text. Keeping as much of the remaining text intact as possible, create your poem from results.

My poem:
The Circular Ruins

Apr 23, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 23

Badge: Click Trick

Directives: Using PhotoShop tools, create an erasure poem from source text.

My poem:
Solar Plexus

Apr 22, 2015


PoMoSco-Day 22
Badge: Dialed In

Directive: Write all the digits in a phone number. Choose what they will correspond to in your source text (a page number, line number or number of word in a line) and use this constraint to choose words and phrases for your poem.

My poem:
The Happiness of Inhabiting

Apr 21, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 21

PoMoSco-Day 21
Badge: Interrogator

Directives: Compose a poem made only of questions found in source text.
This one was FUN! I used Jorge Luis Borges' questions.

My poem:
What Have You Done With It?

Apr 20, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 20

PoMoSco-Day 20
Badge: Off the Shelf

Directives: Notice something on your way to the library. Choose 5 books about that subject, create a poem of words and phrases found on the first five pages of the books, excluding front matter.

My Poem:

Apr 19, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 19

PoMoSco-Day 19
Badge: Quiet On Set

Directive: Listen to TV show, podcast, etc. at least 30 minutes. No stopping, rewinding, etc. Note words and phrases, use them as source text - deletions can be made, but you must retain the order in which they were heard.

My Poem:
Ask Permission To Enter The Forest

Apr 18, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 18

PoMoSco - Day 18
Badge: Open Book

Directive: Open book or magazine to 2-page spread.Scan pages for words and phrases to use. Poem must be created by using only words in source text and only in the order they appear.

My Source Text: Gaston Bachelard. The Poetics of Space

(As I wrote to another PoMoSco poet, using Bachelard for found poetry almost feels like cheating – the poetry is there on every page like Easter eggs just laying unhidden on the lawn!)

My poem:
And All The Spaces Of Our Past